work in progress

May 4, 2009



Sandra Heathcote resamples the cross  cultural links between fashion and religious iconography.
















Giuseppe Iozzi gives physical form to flash animations which create links between discarded objects and the local environments he finds them in.





Lorenza Ipollito’s photographs study the relationship between objects and their re-use.




ned screen shot













Ned McConnell’s video uses found footage, opening dialogues with the past through semi-fictional narratives.











Daniella Norton’s installation explores communal spaces and the reconstruction of memory.





Tila Rodríguez-Past’s broken disco ball and video installation metaphorises cultural refraction and majority world re-inventions of western visual tropes.


One Response to “work in progress”

  1. […] LI: Yeah, and that’s one of the bits I’m not sure about. Obsolete objects are one thing, and they’re not usually personal objects to which I’ve got a connection. I haven’t got many objects in my life but the ones I do are quite sentimental. And even though they’re not important objects, – for example I’ve kept a two peso coin that one of my boyfriends gave to me years ago, no particular meaning, he didn’t give it to me as a souvenir, but that’s what it became. And I’ll always keep it. And then there’s an alarm clock that my dad gave to me when I was eight and it doesn’t work any more, it’s really tacky, sort of eighties, but that’s another object that I’ll always keep with me. But this is moving away a lot from my project, because I’m not treating the object so sentimentally, so emotionally. For example one of the objects is a milk bottle. […]

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