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New Project Website

September 4, 2009

We’re pleased to announce that the official project website has just been launched. It’s still a work in progress, but it contains some basic info about our forthcoming show. Our cool designer, Aneel will be creating the site proper in the next few weeks!


work in progress

May 4, 2009



Sandra Heathcote resamples the cross  cultural links between fashion and religious iconography.
















Giuseppe Iozzi gives physical form to flash animations which create links between discarded objects and the local environments he finds them in.





Lorenza Ipollito’s photographs study the relationship between objects and their re-use.




ned screen shot













Ned McConnell’s video uses found footage, opening dialogues with the past through semi-fictional narratives.











Daniella Norton’s installation explores communal spaces and the reconstruction of memory.





Tila Rodríguez-Past’s broken disco ball and video installation metaphorises cultural refraction and majority world re-inventions of western visual tropes.